Superb! Who has never owned a volcanic rock with a strong sense of light


Superb! Who has never owned a volcanic rock with a strong sense of light
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When the advanced and full volcanic rocks encounter light and shadow, the beauty presented is stunning;
The space is dominated by retro industrial style, decorated with volcanic rocks and corrugated boards, creating the most romantic coffee space;
The exterior walls are decorated with customized volcanic rocks, cold and orderly, creating a cold and retro atmosphere; The embellishments of copper inlay add a touch of old time atmosphere to the cold space;
The volcanic rock walls are arranged in an orderly manner, and under natural light, they are filled with flowing beauty, making the space warm and tonal infinitely sublimated;
The space also uses corrugated inner walls, making the entire space break free from the serious atmosphere and become bright and soft;
The outer shell is hard and made of volcanic rock bricks, while the inner lining is soft and the materials blend together, allowing you to glimpse the essence and delve deeper into it.
volcanic rock
Size: Various sizes can be customized
Features: Natural pores, fire and moisture resistance, corrosion resistance
Installation: marble adhesive/stone dry hanging/cement mortar pasting
spatial information
Space Name | LOAF Coffee Snack Shop
Space area | 165 square meters
Design Agency | ATMOSPHERE Meteorological Building
Space main materials | volcanic rock, corrugated board


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