PU Stone Skin&Designer’s Gospel


PU Stone Skin&Designer’s Gospel
Posted onJanuary 2, 2019 August 21, 2023.Posted inbusiness, Hotels, residence, work. 2 Comments
PU stone skin with excellent texture, the best substitute for natural stone, and a versatile material for wall decoration;
The space is decorated with PU stone leather, creating a simple, fashionable, quiet and elegant office space;
The dark gray stone skin background wall has a natural stone like surface texture, realistic texture, and realistic touch. Under soft lighting, it creates a simple and elegant spatial temperament;
The space is also divided by glass brick walls, with simple and pure lines. The interaction between light and materials enhances the sense of rhythm and hierarchy, creating a space full of rhythm and rhythm;
The limited space and infinitely designed materials make it easy for designers to have a high-end atmosphere filled effect.
Stone Skin – Dark Grey
Size: Various specifications and decors
Features: Lightweight and environmentally friendly, realistic texture, low temperature resistance, and aging resistance
Installation: marble glue+gun nail installation


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