Fall in one second, high beauty crystal bricks paired with cyberpunk style


  Fall in one second, high beauty crystal bricks paired with cyberpunk style, YYDS
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Immersive experience of the futuristic technological dark night, with every shot being a blockbuster;
The space is mainly in dark tones, decorated with stainless steel installation lines and embellished with crystal bricks, creating a futuristic technology space that is both mysterious and fashionable;
The line installation art made of stainless steel, with twisted dynamic shapes and mechanical sense, presents an extraordinary beauty in the space, creating a technological cyberpunk style;
The stunning crystal brick wall has full transparency, resembling a crystal version placed in a secret realm, enhancing the spatial tension; The granular texture of the material itself enhances the spatial taste and tone, giving people a sense of novelty;
Light and color, reflective stainless steel and translucent crystal bricks, enchanting and dazzling, create a powerful, passionate, and impactful mysterious time and space.
Crystal brick
Size: 50 * 100 * 200mm
Features: Light transmission, excellent privacy, sound insulation, and strong pressure resistance
Installation: Structural adhesive installation
spatial information
Space Name | Dark Night Mystery MKING PartyK
Space area | 3000 square meters
Design Company | Pinyihui Design PCD, Jishuhui Design CTD
Main materials | Crystal bricks, stainless steel news朋克水晶砖01.jpg  news朋克水晶砖04.jpg    news朋克水晶砖02.jpg 

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