Soft Stone Wall Decoration Flax Weave

Soft Stone Wall Decoration Flax Weave
Please contact customer service for details.

       The website only sells sample products

Ordering Instructions:

Price: The website price is the price of the sample

Specification: The sample of the product is not a full size, generally around 200*300mm, with slight differences between different products.

Return and replacement: The sample product is not supported for return and replacement without reason.

Tax: The seller shall bear the tax on the sample goods

Shipping cost: If the order is over 149 USD, the seller will bear the shipping cost.

Sales area: We sell goods to all countries and regions around the world through international express delivery.

Time limit: After the buyer pays, the goods are generally shipped within 24-72 hours, and the samples are received within 6-15 working days in different regions around the world.

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