DuPont Paper

DuPont paper translucent texture pure color printing and dyeing ice perlite ice crack plate ceiling light box decoration material

Width :1500mm
Length:Buy as much as you need
The website price is the price of the sample

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The transparent texture series of DuPont paper is like paper but not paper
The high-density polyethylene material, which resembles cloth but is not, is reflected in the light and shadow,
Some different decorative effects are combined with lighting
The light shining on the DuPont paper reflects countless lines
But!Dupont paper is an indoor material and cannot be used outdoors

                     Installation steps
A piece of paper is very easy to install
1. Set up the keel and install the light strip (the distance between the light strip and the keel is 5 cm)
2. Cut the size of the DuPont paper
3. Paste the Dupont paper on the keel with double-sided tape or emulsion glue for fixation
4. Cut off the excess part and fix the edge to complete the job

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